DW Akademie Senior Staff pay RICAD’s Site Visit


On the 18th August, 2015 the two Senior Staff officials Julia Elvers the Sub Saharan Africa DW Academie Director and Vanesa the head of Community Development Director in Berlin Germanypaid a cortesy vist to Cyaruzinge Sector, to the village and a cooperative of 1000 hills which is sponsered by RICAD RWANDA.

The visit was part of the Fact Finding mission by the DW Academie officials as part of the standard procedure before allocating any developmental funds.

In her speech, Julia Elvers of DW Akademie thanked all the residents of Cyaruzinge Sector and members of 1000 Hills cooperative for their hard work . “I am Delighted and greatful to be here with you today, I promise I will do my best to advocate with my utmost commitment to help you achieve a sustainable development ” she said.

In her speech the president of RICAD RWANDA Ms Diana Mushimiyimana thanked the DW Akademie officials and asked them for continued cooperation in the field of community development and advocacy.

The visit ended with a charming and colourful traditional dance by the 1000 Hills cooperative cultural troupe.


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