On the 20th January, 2015, a Rwandan NGO operating in Gasabo District of Kigali RICAD RWANDA (Rwanda Initiative for Culture and Arts Development) distributed aid to the Cooperative known as LIGHT COOPERATIVEin Kinyarwanda URUMURI with they sister Arts Cultural Troupe known as urw’ IMISOZI GIHUMBI sewing machines.

The sewing machines where donated by Swedish nationals who had earlier paid a visit Rwanda and the Cyaruzinge Community of Historically Marginalized People under the umbrella of LIGHT COOPERATIVE.

RICAD RWANDA was founded November 2013 with the aim of improving the social development of the HISTORICALLY MARGINALIZED PEOPLE. In the start it had 50 members under the umbrella of LIGHT COOPERATIVE and to date its has over 250 members working and living in peace together in Cyaruzinge Cell Gasabo District, it plans to open offices countrywide in the future depending on the availability of funds.

Monthly Community Work in Ndera Sector in Kigali/Rwanda

A monthly community work is an occasion of sharing and unity in Rwanda. It is done by everyone from the President of the Republic to the grass root citizen. For this last Sept 27th, RICAD staff with sponsors performed this activity at Gasogi in Cyaruzinge, with a slogan YOU SEE US SMILE. To mean, these people are smiling of hope for change.

The activity itself dealt with repairing gardens of vegetables commonly known as AKARIMA K’IGIKONI (Kitchen Garden) which will help them to fight against malnutrition. Together some local citizens, new seeds were planted in all repaired gardens, to prevent malnutrition in the future. All people were smiling, singing all along the activity; it was a frank smile, a true hope from faces of that community.

After the UMUGANDA, people sat for general discussion, and it was also a distribution of food, shoes and clothes to needy children. People had chance to talk, thanking, warning and planning together for the future. Local authority in charge of welfare, warned for the protection of the gardens and use of vegetables when grown up.

Activities include

Human Rights

Community work

Artcrafts development


Sewing and traditional Design


Traditional Dance

Cattle raring

Small scale farming

Job creation

Also in the future plans is the development of Centre for Excellence in Arts Development for the Historically Marginalized People

Food For people Program of which we improve the lives of malnourished children in order to fight stunted growth among the children

Education for the disadvanteg children

Peace and developmental studies for the community

Peace Education Program

Basic Education for the Elders

People Helping People

Women and girls empowerment

Advocay and Public outreach

Environment and Awareness Tranings and campaings for Sustainable Development

Promoting Rwandan Culture

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